How to Find New BTC Slot Games Online

Why Play New Slots and How Do You Find Them?

In a world where you have thousands of slots to play at cryptocurrency casinos, you’re often spoilt for choice. However, new BTC slots always tend to be appealing. Finding them should be a doddle once you know where to look, and that’s something we’ll explain to you in this guide. However, why might you choose to play new slots over already existing classic titles?

New slots often come with new features, are almost always mobile-friendly, and may also be involved in promotions and bonuses when they launch. Don’t be afraid of playing new Bitcoin slots just because you haven’t heard of them. After all, didn’t all your favorite slots start out as new games at one point or another?

Once you’ve made a choice to play new slots, you’ll need a good resource to find them. Fortunately, we’ve got more than a few recommendations for you there.

Check Out Our News

If you’re looking for the ideal resource to find new slots, it is right before you, even if you don’t know it yet. Here at BTCGOSU, we regularly publish the latest news concerning Bitcoin and cryptocurrency betting, and these often include a heads up on the latest new slot releases. When those games finally go live, you can find out everything you need to know in our new slot reviews.

Software Providers Pages

Of course, there are other ways to discover the hottest new Bitcoin slots to play. One of these options is to visit the websites of the software providers behind those games. Of course, the best way to go about this is to visit a developer’s website that you know you like. For instance, if you’re a fan of Microgaming slots, head to their website. You’ll likely find a host of press releases concerning the newest slots to go live right there.

Casino Blogs and Newsletters

Cryptocurrency casinos are always eager to showcase their latest games. For this reason, they may provide you with a blog or newsletter. This has the advantage of letting you in on upcoming releases as well as recently launched games, weeks, sometimes even months ahead of schedule. You can usually decide if you wish to receive newsletters by checking the relevant box when you sign up or under your casino account settings. Blogs are usually supported at crypto casinos on dedicated pages.

Social Media Posts

If you’re active on social media (most of us are), then heading over to a crypto casino or software provider’s Twitter or Instagram page may be recommended. Most providers and casinos also provide “trailers” of upcoming slots on YouTube too. Facebook isn’t as practical as the other social media options, and this may be worth considering if you’re trying to find out the latest info on new crypto slot games.

Promotions and Bonuses

It can’t hurt to check the promotions and bonuses page at a Bitcoin casino. You’ll find the usual array of deposit bonuses, tournaments, and monthly competitions most of the time. However, some casinos often celebrate the launch of new games with a free spin bonus or deposit bonus for use on those games. If this is the case, the promotions page can be an unlikely source of information on new slot releases that pertain to your specific casino.

New Slot Genres at Casinos

Most crypto casinos like to divide up their games into genres. That has its perks. One of those categories will often be “New” or “Latest” slots. In this genre, you will almost certainly find the most recently launched games at the casino. Not all of them will have debuted within the last few days or even weeks, but if a casino has a new game to offer, it will surely appear in such a category.

Homepages and Casino Lobbies

You usually don’t have to look any further than the lobby or homepage at the best Bitcoin casinos. Most sites will publish the fact that they’ve got new games by plastering them to the lobby. Again, some may highlight the fact that there are promos attached to them, or there may be a dedicated section of new game releases found there.

Use New Game Filters

Just because you can’t find such a genre doesn’t mean that you can’t find new games with ease at your casino. Enter the gaming library or collection at your chosen cryptocurrency casino. Once there, you will usually be able to sort out the casino’s games using a selection of filters. One of these will almost certainly allow you to sort the available games by their date of release. After doing so (be sure that you don’t have them in reverse order), you should see the newest games featuring at the upper end of the page.

So, Are New BTC Slots Worth the Effort?

We’d certainly say that new BTC slots are well worth the effort. Of course, you’re always going to come across a few so-so releases – they aren’t all going to be instant hits. However, the only way you’re going to find out for sure is if you give them a go. If you want to play with the latest features, crisp graphics, new engines, mechanics, and the latest in mobile-optimized technology, playing new cryptocurrency slots is advised.

You don’t have to do it blindly, either. Most of the top crypto casinos that we cover at BTCGOSU also allow you to play all their BTC slots for free (as demos). Doing so won’t see you win any real money, but it will enable you to get an idea of what each new BTC slot offers, how it is played, and whether it is going to be a hit for you or not.

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