How to Choose the Right Crypto Casino

With so many new crypto casinos on the market, it’s common for new players to get confused picking the right one for them. We felt there was a growing need for a guide where we can discuss all the touchpoints and features one should look out for when picking a crypto casino to play at. Without wasting a moment, let’s get started.

Things to look for when choosing a new Crypto Casino


The first and most important aspect before depositing and wagering your coins is the reputation of the casino. There are a lot of new casinos offering lucrative deals and promotions but not every offer is worth it because not all that glitters is gold. You might end up playing at a scam casino in hope of grabbing some ludicrous promotions. Always check out the reputation and operating history of the casino. You can either google the casino or check their Bitcointalk announcement thread and profile, if there is one available. Alternatively, you can check the casino’s rating here at BTCGOSU. We only list casinos that have a good reputation for the same reason.

Assess what you expect from the casino

It might sound strange at first. But think about it, what exactly are you visiting the casino for and what do you expect from the casino. The sole reason must be entertainment but not everyone has fun playing the same games or doing the same activities.

There might be a lot of reasons, below are some of them:

Promotions & Bonuses: If you aim at a casino that offers the best promotions and frequent bonuses, Stake is what you are looking for. Stake runs some of the best promotions in the entire crypto industry and on top offers bonuses in various forms like reloads, weekly and monthly bonuses.

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Rakeback/Cashback: If you are a whale aiming for the highest Rakeback then Betfury is perhaps the right choice. Betfury offers up to 25% Rakeback for the players who have achieved the highest VIP rank at the platform, the BF legend. Not just that, with each bet you make, you will earn BFG tokens which can be converted to cash or invested to earn passive profits (dividends).

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Variety of Coins: For a player aiming to play with a large number of coins, surely is the destiny. supports 13 coins at the time of writing and keeps adding more to the platform. With the recently added sportsbook, the platform continuously thrives forward. is a product of simplicity blended with technology.

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Devices: You might be a player who wants to spend time playing casino games on your mobile. Some casinos are highly optimized for mobile and even have applications dedicated to mobile players. and, the sister sites, are the best examples of such. The former is a dedicated sportsbook while the latter is one of the oldest crypto casinos.

Both the platforms have app for Android users and the one for iOS is under construction, as claimed by them.

Note: Be very careful and only download any apps from the official website. You don’t want to end up giving out your login information to a phishing app.

Trying out new casinos: Some players have a tendency to test games and play at new casinos and we cannot fault it. It is boring visiting the same casino every day and playing the same games. For players who want to try out new casinos, new games and refreshing promotions, we have some recommendations for you too.

If you want to play at a casino that emphasizes security and takes player verification very seriously, you should try Goodman. The casino has a refreshing look, some unique games and offers a juicy 100% deposit bonus on top of 100 free spins for new players. But please note that the casino takes KYC very seriously and it’s better to get verified before you deposit and play.

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Another rising crypto casino we recommend is, JacksClub. Although the casino does not have something unique to mention, you can take part in various contests and because the casino is new, the competition is low and the community is smaller. Unlike other casinos where chat is spammed all day, you can actually have fun in the chat with friends here.

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Fancy Casino: If you want to play at a casino where you want to remain busy doing some tasks, spinning the wheel multiple times a day, exploring new original games and claiming small bonuses, then is a perfect choice for you. The casino offers a daily wheel where you can win up to 1 BTC, daily and weekly tasks where you can earn some free BCD coins, their on-site currency. There is no wager requirement for the earned BCD through tasks.

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How do casinos scam?

There are many ways a casino can cheat its players. Some of the most common ways are listed below.

1- Outright Exit-Scam: When a casino has accumulated enough deposits from the players, the casino will make an exit scam, taking all the money and just closing the casino suddenly.

How to Avoid: Usually such casinos will suspend player withdrawals days prior to their planned exit. If you hear any such news of withdrawals being suspended while deposits still being accepted, it is a red flag. This also emphasizes why casinos must not be used as wallets.

2- Selective Scam: This is one of the most frustrating scams that exist in crypto casinos. Instead of going all out, the casino will close some accounts that might be whales or just players who got really lucky. Some players might experience their winnings reversed and deposit returned because the casino wants to still operate but doesn’t want to pay selective players.

How to Avoid: The only way you can avoid such scams is by researching about the casino thoroughly and ensuring there are no unsolved legit scam accusations against the casino.

3- KYC Scam: Another common scam that can be disastrous for a player occurs when the player has managed to pull a huge win. The casino will allow you to play until you are losing money despite knowing that you are accessing the casino from a restricted region. Once you win big, the casino will then take the opportunity and ask for KYC. Obviously, the player fails and the casino finds a valid reason to forfeit the winnings and sometimes even the deposited amounts.

How to Avoid: Never play at a casino that is illegal in your jurisdiction.

Some common traits of scam casinos

  • Offering promotions & bonuses beyond logic. It’s one thing to lure players and it’s another to offer promotions that cannot be sustained for long periods. If a promotion or bonus sounds too good to be true, it is usually a sign of bad things to follow.
  • Pausing withdrawals while letting players deposit, without any proper announcement and reason behind it.
  • Faking out big wins and paying out streamers to brag sponsored wins as real wins is another tactic highly criticized although not always a sign of a scam casino.
  • Casino focusing more on the promotion and neglecting the bugs and problems in the casino itself is another sign that the casino won’t last for long.

How does BTCGOSU protect players?

We do our due diligence and investigation before listing any casino. We don’t back away from banning a casino if it does not comply with our standards. You may see the list of blacklisted casinos here to see our commitment towards player safety.

But wait, every listing site and affiliate makes such promises, no? So, we offer a service that none of the paid listing affiliates and our competitors might be able to afford.

BTCGOSU Deposit Guarantee

Made a deposit, got scammed by the casino, or locked out of your money for any invalid reasons? We’ll refund it for you!

You must have followed the rules and terms of the casino in order for us to help you. As long as you have followed the rules and haven’t broken any, we will make sure you don’t suffer injustice. We will refund your last deposit of up to $500 as long as you report to us within 30 days of the deposit made.

Sounds good? It is. Read everything about it here: BTCGOSU Deposit Guarantee


Choosing the right casino is simple once you have a clear objective of what you want from the casino. Based on what you want and what the casino offers, you can get the best deals. Once you have identified your goals, you just need to check for the reputation of the casino and start playing. With our deposit guarantee and dispute handling commitment, you would always want to join with our links to remain safe under any circumstances.

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