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What is the definition of gamification? Based on what the Oxford Language website says, it is the application of elements usually associated with video games for marketing purposes to encourage customer engagement. We agree with this interpretation of this term. We also do not frown upon the definition that delineates this as marketing strategies that seek to influence people’s behavior applied across multiple industries, entailing placing game-like aspects in non-game contexts.

In the past decade, gamification has become a trending content strategy and has been implemented in virtually everything. Today, smartwatches award you for completing a specific number of daily steps, and apps like Duolingo seek to give you prizes that create a sense of accomplishment for going through a series of lessons. Naturally, they do this to get you to come back and build a habit in users of using their app.

Going by one 2020 market analysis, the global gamification market should grow to a $30.7 billion size in 2025, and at online casinos, this tactic has gained massive strides in the post-2015 era. It incorporates loads of game-like elements in the sphere that enhance the overall gaming experience and increase player loyalty. These features make the casino environment more entertaining and interactive. Below, we explain where and how gamification has found its place in the interactive gaming sector nowadays.

Modern Loyalty Reward Systems

In the past, online casino managers would audit player accounts and give the VIP label and the perks that come along with it to high-rollers only. Alternatively, they would set a betting milestone. Whoever reaches it would get treated as a VIP player.

Nonetheless, most sites currently have adopted point-accumulating systems featuring multiple tiers, each offering exclusive privileges. These customarily come with badges and ranks that show others that a site gambler has attained a specific platform level and enjoys certain benefits. The goal here, as explained in the intro, is to give users a sense of accomplishment and platform status, signifying that they have value and have earned a certain degree of worth on a given gaming hub.

The ability to level up is a prime enticement for more and something that video games have imprinted as pivotal. Progress bars work wonders with players, and it is no wonder that so many slots are incorporating them.

Leaderboards & Missions

You may have noticed that in recent times, betting tournaments have become a thing at most gambling platforms. These competitions boast competitive rankings that display player performance based on factors like wins, bets placed, or points earned. Again, their aim is to stimulate users to gamble more by giving them something to vie for. Prizes for the activity if they beat out others regarding who wins or bets more. So, they encourage users to be more active under the guise this activity benefits the gamblers. Yet, the reality is that these contests benefit the operators/providers more.

Quests and missions, built into loyalty schemes or as stand-alone promotions, are also rising in popularity in the industry. These present users’ specific challenges that often get completed through betting activities that generate rewards. Thus, this provides an extra layer of engagement. Some of these entail playing mini-games or solving puzzles. And these are akin to challenges found in RPG tabletop games. They have a level of familiarity that most gamblers can recognize from social boards or video games. These quests may also incorporate narratives and stories that try to immersive and captivate gamblers to fulfill them and move on to more challenging ones.

Group contests aside, many platforms have also incorporated duel/combat modes that appeal to those with competitive spirits by giving them an additional avenue to attain higher rewards.

Personalized Avatars & Social Interaction

Most gambling sites allow players to choose their avatars or create their own. That adds a personal touch to their gaming experience, as does the ability for gamblers to customize aspects of their gaming environment, meaning a website’s themes or sound effects. You can even find a couple of casinos on our review page that let new users pick a character from a present set upon sign-up, with each one boasting specific attributes that, in a small part, will define their gaming journey on those platforms.

Public chats have been a staple at crypto casinos for a while now, and we do not consider these windows a gamification feature. But what we do see as such is the option for gamblers to share achievements with others for a community-centric experience. That has become a trendy move that even we have implemented on BTCGOSU, as it adds a communal feel to the site.

Random Rewards & Themed Campaigns

In the crypto gaming landscape, these traditionally come in the form of wheel spin rounds or facet tasks. The objective these seek to hit is to give users periodic opportunities to win extra prizes/bonuses. These make them feel like their time spent on a site is not for nothing if Lady Luck is not in their corner. Without question, surprising players with unexpected prizes at random intervals is a surefire way to keep them engaged and coming back. When these promotions get connected with timers, that creates urgency and the fear of missing out, making players desire to stay and play to grow even more.

Loot boxes have gained loads of attention, good and bad, in the video game arena. Online casinos have morphed and transported this concept for gaming fans via chests, which supply random rewards. These traditionally get incorporated in loyalty programs but can also get given out for fulfilling challenges, hitting milestones, etc. Unlockable content gives the impression of rarity and carries an exclusive vibe that those who have grown up playing games want.

We should not fail to mention that hosting special or themed campaigns to celebrate significant brand milestones or holidays is another tried-and-tested marketing tactic that looks to fashion excitement surrounding an event.

Trading & Gifting

Tip systems have been around at provably fair platforms for around a decade, but they are fairly novel for casinos that house third-party games. It is not that gifting originally stemmed from video games, but it is a practice that many link with multiplayer titles. Token trading has also gotten some degree of notoriety in the casino sphere, and staking is something that has taken off significantly, making users feel more engrossed in their gaming voyages through the option to participate in getting a share of their chosen casino’s profits by locking some of their funds for a distinct period. That is a practice that fosters community engagement and makes users feel like they are a part of something bigger, that they are not just players who gamble on events with unpredictable outcomes.

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