Esports betting Guide: Dota 2

Dota 2 is not just among the most popular but among the very first multiplayer battle arena games, players around the world witnessed. Often considered to be the hardest multiplayer online battle arena games to master, playing Dota 2 requires some serious skills and with more than 10 million active users per month, there are not many games that come close to Dota 2 in terms of popularity.

Welcome all the Dota 2 lovers, today we are going to discuss in depth what are some of the smartest ways of betting on Dota 2 and all the markets that are available for betting.

Roles and Structuring of the game

Before making any bets, one must understand the structure of the game. Unlike LoL, where the roles were simplistic and defined, the roles players can play in Dota 2 are flexible and there are various combinations that can be launched onto the arena to conquer the opponents. Here are some of the most common and important roles in Dota 2.

  • Carry: There needs to be a carry player who is usually considered to be the king of the team because the team focuses on maximizing his farm even if it comes at the cost of a few deaths of the other heroes, usually playing the support role. The carry player might be an aggressive carry who farms quickly and takes control of the early game or might be a slow but late-game carry such that once he is farmed enough, he can overtake the game and lead from the front.
  • Initiators/Tanks: These are the heroes who would initiate a team fight by casting a spell that allows their team to jump into the fight and nuke out a few enemy heroes that give them the number advantage and win the team fights.
  • Lane Pushers: The amount of farm you get is based on the map control you have in Dota 2 which ultimately emphasizes on the importance of taking early towers and gaining more map control. There are various heroes like Death prophet, who can push towers and give their team an edge in terms of map control by casting their spells and taking towers.
  • Jungler: The hero focuses on farming neutral creeps and stacking them to gain a huge gold lead which then helps the team in either slowing down the tempo or push forward, based on the lineup and strategy they have come up with their draft.
  • Nuker: A high damage dealing hero that is capable of blowing up an enemy early in the fight or along with the help of ganker, plans a gank on the opposition carry to slow down their farm.

Markets available for Dota 2 betting and what are the ideal bets

  • First Kill: A completely random possibility of which team would get the first kill because it might be the weaker team ganking in the bushes with all five heroes on the lone enemy hero roaming or it might be the stronger team making a standard play and pricing out the first kill.
  • First Tower: You can plan which team to bet for the first tower based on the drafting from the two teams. Most likely the team with better lane pushers and dominant early game heroes will have an advantage over the slower and more farm-oriented heroes. Team with a greedy draft, often the term for the heavy farm-based draft, allows the enemy to take a few initial towers which give them more time to farm and gather gold on the map elsewhere.
  • First Roshan: Roshan is the strongest neutral creep on the map and usually takes the whole team to take it down. The team that inflicts the last bit of damage on the Roshan is awarded an item, Aegis of Immortal. This item allows the player who takes it, to respawn without costing a buyback or without waiting for the respawning time, thus giving a massive advantage because the player technically has 2 lives now. There is a timer on it though and the Aegis will be re-claimed by the Roshan after a few minutes. The team with strong early to mid-game heroes is most likely to claim the Roshan.
  • Map Winner: Most of the matches are BO3 (Best-Of-3) or BO5 (Best-Of-5) so if a team has lost the 1st map, there is a good chance they may bounce back in the next map. Most of the time, the team with a better late-game carry will come out victorious because the team with early game drafting is always under the pressure of making things happen while the other team can just relax and farm. It’s always easier to react to the enemy move than to initiate a fight in the game.

Common Tips for betting on Dota 2

There are a few things you should always keep an eye on before placing your bets.

Analyze the drafts: No doubt, drafting is one of the most crucial parts of the game. There are certain heroes that counter others and if a team is not careful enough, they might end up being countered heavily by the opponent. It’s important to ensure the team you are betting on has a good team balance and the heroes have synergy with each other. Some spells will work better in tandem with others while some may counter other spells.

Carry Matchup: Most of the time, a game would come to a stage where the better carry player will be left with everything to do and once the game goes deep, there is a certain case of a carry overpowering all the opponent heroes with little to no help from his allies. Hence, betting on the team with a better carry is the more favorable option.

Recent results: Dota 2 is a lot about team synergy and if a team has made some changes to their roster, you may expect some unwanted losses and some synergy gaps between the players which may cost them the game. If a team has made roster changes, carefully analyze how they set up with the current roster and check for any recent results they had.


Betting on Dota 2 is a fun way of wagering because it keeps you engaged for a good few hours and if you play the game yourself, you will learn something new every time you see the professional players play. Keep in mind that no team is invincible and may lose to another at any given point. Drafts as discussed earlier are a crucial part of the game and hence it is wise to compare the drafts and then place your bets. There are Dota 2 championships happening in various regions of the world and then there is the biggest tournament, referred to as The International, fondly known as TI. Take advantage of the promotions and place your dota2 bets with minimal risk and even place your free bets!

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