Bluffing – An Important Poker Strategy

If you want to succeed in Poker, you must learn how to make a bluff. Bluffing is very useful if you wish to win the pot or make the game more exciting. Bluffing can be valuable, especially for your future games where your opponents will have a harder time reading your moves.

Having a good table position, especially in bluffing, is essential. The best table position for bluffing is in the middle and the last position. Bluffing in an earlier position will not work for players who want to last until the showdown. Early bluffing can easily be predicted by your opponents, and it will less likely work. Being in a late position can provide you with a clear view of your opponents’ moves. You can plan your next strategy based on your best hands, so in subsequent rounds, you can surely be ahead of your opponents. Always remember to bet just enough to make your opponents fold. If you think that you will just win a small portion of the pot, then bet only a small amount.

Learn to recognize all the hand values and practice not only reading your opponents but also bluffing because these are some of the factors you can use to become a successful poker player.

How to Steal the Blinds

In cases where you will have the tendency to fold, you should be able to steal the blinds. If ever you folded in a late a position, you can raise your available hands, most likely pairs, so you can get the chance to steal the blinds or take the pot on the flop with a continuation of bet. If you’re in a late position, you will have an advantage. Even if your opponents have a better hand than yours, you still get the pot.

Poker Strategy – Playing with Preflop Pairs

It’s hard to face an all in bet especially before the flop. That’s why it is important to recognize the value of one hand to another opponent’s hand. Identifying your pre-flop pairs and using them can help you make a good decision. If your cards are suited and connected, you will get a chance to increase the pot before the flop. Here are some of the pre-flop hand percentages you can use in every round.

  1. A pocket pair against two over cards will give you approximately 54% against the 46% of the two over cards.
  2. If you will use your poker pairs against two undercards, you will win 81% over the 19% of two undercards.
  3. If we use a poker pair (1010) against an over card (A7), you can beat an over card by 70%.
  4. A pocket pair against a card with the same rank and an undercard will have an 87% over 9%.
  5. Two high cards against two undercards will give 62% over 37%.

If you wish to use your pre-flop pairs, you should first consider if the game is loose or tight. If you wish to join a room with many players, then probably, you will have a loose game. If you’re going to join a small site with few players, you will definitely have a tight game. Keep in mind to check on the value of your hand against your opponents because, as the game progresses, the stakes increases. Remember to make the right decision.

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