Bitcoin Blackjack Game

You may not understand how popular Bitcoin Blackjack games have become unless you know its statistics when compared to many other games in the industry. This should not be surprising since the blackjack has come a long as a gambling activity that originated from 17th century France. If you are interested in the gambling industry or do gamble yourself, this is a game that you just cannot ignore. What ensures this is the fact that its presence is seen in 90% of all online gambling casinos and physical casinos. So Blackjack has become a prominent game in gambling at all levels.

The Game of Blackjack

Before playing Bitcoin Blackjack, it important to understand the rules of the game. The game is played exactly the same way that the traditional Blackjack is played in physical casinos debar that there is a timer in the online game. This makes sense since your opponent isn’t around in the live game at the casino to make sure you don’t waste too much time.

The game commences with the dealer distributing the cards using two main methods: Shoe and Pitch. In shoe, there is a special equipment used to hold the pack of cards, up to six decks. In Shoe, the dealer holds just two decks of cards. Each player gets two cards from the dealer who also gets two. One of the dealers cards should face downwards while the other faces upwards. The dealer can only view the covered card also known as “hole” if the one facing up has value up to 10. innovative Bitcoin Blackjack is one of the most innovative blackjack games you can find, featuring provably fair blackjack and we highly recommend you give it a try.

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Basics of Blackjack

The purpose of the game is to beat the dealer by getting higher value of cards close to 21 than they. The focus is on that number so you and the dealer would want to get as close to it as possible while selecting from a 52 card pack. Hitting a blackjack happens when a player draws 21 with their first two cards. This means they have won the game. In physical casinos, you may see several decks of cards. This is meant to confuse expert players whose experience and professionalism may give them extra edge over other players. The idea is to make the game dependent on chance as much as possible. In Blackjack, if you pick a card numbered 2-10, the value is exactly what’s written on it. Face cards such as King, Queen and Jack each have the value of 10 while an ace is worth either 1 or 11.

The Right Strategy To Adopt

The right strategy to employ while playing the Bitcoin Blackjack is any one that helps you beat the dealer at his game. In physical casino, you can consider counting your cards, but this not feasible as Bitcoin Blackjack is exclusively played online.

Play the Right Game

What you should avoid is playing a variant of blackjack that you do not understand. This would lead to unplanned losses. If you must play a new variant, be sure that you read the rules very well. Some of the points to pay attention to is the house edge and payout. Then ask yourself what to do to reduce the house edge which could be up to 2.5%.

Play Responsibly

Always plan your bets according to what funds you have and can afford to lose. Bear in mind that irrespective of the skills that you have, it is still easy to lose money while playing Bitcoin Blackjack. Using a bankroll will help you control how much you spend on bets. This helps to control your spending and losses.

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