Overview of Stake’s Bonuses & Promotions

Those that closely follow the online gambling scene are well aware of Stake’s reputation. Stake is one of the few crypto casinos that has caught the attention of casual betting connoisseurs. That has happened mainly due to its association with the world’s largest MMA organization, the UFC. In March of 2021, it became that combat sports league’s first-ever official betting partner. It recently signed sponsorship deals with many of its fighters, including its heavyweight titleholder, Francis Ngannou. Thus, it is clear that there is big money behind this platform.

We have covered many aspects of Stake on our site so far. Now, it is time to provide an in-depth analysis of the many promotions that this popular brand supplies to gamblers from all corners. Please note that the Stake gambling site has a reputation for continuously mixing things up by adding and removing promos. Therefore, it is hard to keep track of all the bonuses they offer, as they put up new weekly/monthly and special event deals all the time. These come and go. By the time you are reading this article, the ones up now may have gotten removed from the platform. That is why we will only focus on mainstay promotions, offers that have been on Stake crypto casino for a long time, or ones that appear like they will stay on there for months.

General Promotions

Starting from May of 2021, Stake introduced a weekly raffle with a prize pool of $100,000. For every $1,000 you wager during the week on sports or casino games, you will get one ticket. The winner selection gets streamed via Twitch (, and Google’s official random number generator decides who the twenty lucky gamblers are, who win $5,000 apiece. All prizes get paid out in Bitcoin.

Affiliate races. From time to time, Stake has stimulated referrals by featuring affiliate races. Usually, affiliates earn points via new customer referrals within a set timeframe, and the top five ones with the most points attained claim a reward. Those interested in the Stake affiliate program can visit the platform’s dedicated page. It lists all the commission rates you can earn from your referrals’ wagers on

Casino Promotions

Stake races are your traditional wagering competitions. These are contests where players compete via their betting activity en route to rewards. Each race features a specific deadline and prize pool. There is a weekly schedule inside the website’s promo page in the Stake’s races section.

The brand’s management aims to stimulate a community presence at Stake online casino by incorporating social media challenges. The most notable ones are the Telegram challenges, where members of the official Stake Telegram Channel participate in exclusive races, daily hunts, and other creative promos. The second most popular community-endorsing challenges are the forum ones. These often consist of slot contests where you can win prizes if you hit a multiplier above a specific number on a given game. To become eligible for these promos, you will have to have more than ten posts on the Stake forum and create a post submitting your entry.

Conquer the Casino is a weekly betting race with two leaderboards. Every Friday, Stake releases over ten new games, which are the titles featured in this promotion that lasts one week, starting and ending at 00:00 on Fridays. Its total prize pool is $5,000, and it incorporates pre-defined prizes such as ones for the highest won multiplier.

Eddie Miroslav is the founder of PrimeDice and Stake. Thus, this platform can have several promotions that bear his name at any given time. One that is up at the time of writing is Stake vs. Eddie. In this offer, you have to beat Eddie’s multiplier to get your share of $5,000. Every week, Eddie plays a game for one hour. His highest multiplier from that session then gets posted on the site. You have seven days to beet it to get your share of the $5,000 pool.

Pragmatic’s $1,000,000 monthly Drops & Wins promotion is available here. For the uninformed, drops are a promotion tool that randomly rewards players upon a win. To participate in a drops promotion, you will first have to make a qualifying bet. Pragmatic Play aside, Stake also partners with a ton of other game providers to offer a slew of innovative promos. The companies which have joined Stake in this endeavor are Hackshaw Gaming, Playson, Wazdan, Spinomenal, and Booongo. Speaking of the latter, they have created a Stake exclusive game called Wukong. It is a five-reel, four-row slot.

Sportsbook Promotions

Know that there are live streams on The site claims that it airs over 200,000 events per year from the MLB, NBA, the best soccer leagues, the UFC, and more. So, you can watch and bet here.

The sports betting offer on this platform depends on the sporting events happening around the globe. For example, during grand slams, Stake offers exclusive deals for such tournaments while they are running. The same holds for NBA and MLB playoffs.

Mainstay UFC promotions include a money-back offer for split decisions and a double win for main events. Non-UFC popular long-running deals are an MLB 9th innings payout promotion and an NBA one where a lead by 14+ points gets you paid as the winner if your section loses. NHL 3rd period insurance, justice payouts, F1 enhanced odds, and soccer challenges are also on the table.

Eddie is active on the sportsbook side of things with a guaranteed weekend risk-free bet. Every week, Eddie selects a bet option from the Stake sportsbook. He then lists it as his guaranteed bet. If it does not pan out, you will get a refund of up to $50.

VIP Program

We will not spend too much time discussing the Stake VIP program here, as we have an in-depth article regarding it up on our site. If you are curious about it, we recommend that you check it out here. We will only mention here that it is your traditional online casino loyalty scheme. You move up its tiers via your betting activity.

There are five basic tiers in this system. However, the fourth one, Platinum, has six sub-tiers. The first general one is Bronze, and to reach it, you will have to bet more than $10,000 on the site. The last is Diamond, allowing its benefits only to those whose bet activity totals over $25,000,000. You get a level-up bonus every time you move up to the next tier, and you receive added perks in each one. Again, look into our dedicated article on this subject if you want to know more about how Stake’s loyalty system works.

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