BetFury Boxes – Passively Rake in Cryptos

A few weeks back, we predicted that BetFury Bitcoin casino would rise to take the number one spot on our list of best crypto gambling sites for new players. It did so, and now, it frequently interchanges this top spot with long-standing BTCGOSU champion WOLF.BET. These two platforms are neck and neck as far as our analysis and player reviews go. We estimate that this situation will maintain throughout 2021.

Naturally, one of the main reasons for BetFury crypto casino so swiftly rising through our ranks is the wealth of promotions that this site provides. One of its most noteworthy features in this category is its BetFury Boxes. What are those? Well, they are a unique tool that allows everyone to earn extra digital coins. Read on to find out how.

Free Boxes

A free BetFury box is more or less this site’s free faucet. It allows everyone to test out this online casino’s games for free. To get started, all you have to do is click on the boxes icon in the top navigation bar. It will redirect you to the boxes page, where you will have to click withdraw on an available box. Once you do so, you will have to fill out a three-step captcha form. Unlike regular captchas, where you match images, here you will have to input numbers. Why is captcha filling necessary? It helps the platform protect itself from bots and dishonest players.

Once you take coins out of a box, you will have to wait 20 minutes before it fills up again, and you can perform another withdrawal. The free box payouts may fluctuate, depending on what the BetFury casino team decides it should be at a given moment. Remember, you can claim a box every twenty minutes. So, that means that theoretically, you can press the withdrawal button seventy-two times per day. However, there may be daily max limits in place on specific days. If you do not open a box once the twenty-minute period has passed, it will still wait for you until you are ready to press the withdrawal button.

Boost Boxes

BetFury’s Boost Boxes, on the other hand, are an entirely different animal. In essence, these boxes allow you to attain a guaranteed investment with every purchase. For instance, if you buy a ZIL BOX for 1.0 ZIL (thirty days), you will get a monthly return-on-investment of 15%. That means that after thirty days, you would have earned 0.15 ZIL due to your ZIL BOX purchase. Know that you can buy boost boxes that have a seven or thirty-day return-on-investment. The choice is yours. The site’s team guarantees all payouts after your chosen purchase period passes. All boxes have a limited supply, usually around 5,000. Once all of them get sold, they disappear from the platform. If this boosts system sounds attractive, head to the dedicated page to check out the current offer of boost boxes.

Boxes Referral Program

Naturally, BetFury online casino has a referral program that rewards you for bringing people to this platform. That is nothing new and is par the course for most gambling sites. However, what is unique here is that you can earn referral commissions on the boost boxes that the people you bring to BetFury buy. How cool is that? Though, know that seven-day boxes are not eligible for affiliate commissions, only thirty-day ones are.

There is a referral tab inside the BetFury Box page. You can get your referral link there and download promotional materials like banners and GIFs. These will help you advertise your link on social media or your website if you have one.

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