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A few years back, most crypto casinos looked to feature a few provably fair games that they had developed in established genres and sought to pair them with third-party slots, RNG tables, and live ones. The idea here was to cater to hard-core crypto gamblers who have been gaming online with digital coins for years and grab a more mainstream crowd of casuals who have just got into this entertainment-oriented pastime, primarily due to the surging popularity of virtual currencies.

However, chiefly post-2020, many slot suppliers began diving into the provably fair-style category, creating titles that looked and played like sector classics but had no fairness checks. In truth, some did. Nevertheless, these became a cost-effective option for many operators who began featuring them instead of developing their own provably fair gaming products.

Gamdom is one of our top-rated crypto hubs, and it has been available on the Web since 2016, originally launched as a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins betting site. It has not strayed from provably fair gambling and has a section of four such titles it has developed in its casino lobby. These are Crash, Dice, Hilo, and Roulette. There was another named Tradeup, but it got removed. Therefore, below, we break down the four currently available ones in this article as concisely as possible.

Gamdom Crash

As probably everyone reading this knows, all crypto crash games are based on gameplay pioneered by the Bustabit website, featuring a growing multiplier that can stop randomly. A gambler’s goal is to bail out in a betting round before this happens. If you do this in time, when the multiplier is still rising, the on-screen value gets applied to your stake size. If you stay in a round too long and the multiplier crashes, you shall lose your wager.

Hence, Gamdom Crash works precisely this way, with a multiplier value that begins at x0.0 and can grow to infinity. Nevertheless, that does not mean that the potential looming prize in this game can swell forever since the top win is a million dollars. At least that is what it used to be. Note that this casino has a habit of frequently changing these parameters. Yet, at the time of writing, the maximum allowed bet in Gamdom Crash was $500,000

The house edge of the Gamdom site-specific gaming pic is 5%, which is high for a proprietary crash game. And we should point out that Gamdom Crash is eligible for this platform’s jackpot. A specific portion of the total wagers made here contribute to the jackpot pool. When this mega prize gets claimed, the payout gets calculated according to the collective earnings of round participants. Know that each player’s payout gets determined by dividing their personal earnings by the total ones, then multiplying the outcome by the jackpot sum. To make things simpler, here is the formula = (Your Earnings / Total Earnings) * Jackpot Amount.

We would also like to add that the presentation here is rather stylish, boasting a minimalistic sci-fi style.

Gamdom Crash

Gamdom Dice

Like Gamdom Crash, Gamdom Dice also works in classic fashion, meaning this game runs an RNG algorithm that creates a number from zero to one hundred. You wager on either Roll Over or Under and use the slider to adjust the number your gut tells you will hit. If your guess is correct, your stake will get increased by the round multiplier stated in the left-side panel. Under this figure, you can also view the round-win chance and the profit you have raked in.

Gamdom Dice lists a 1% edge, one most crypto casinos offer for their exclusive dice products. The highest wager you can make in this game is $200,000. That is also the maximum prize you can claim here. The auto-bet functions here are quite nifty, letting you set the number of bets in a round, stop on profit/loss orders, and reset on win and loss choices.

Gamdom Dice

Gamdom Roulette

The interface of Gamdom Roulette reminded us of old-school CS: GO skins roulette gambling games. What does this mean? It refers to the fact that there is no retro roulette wheel here. You get a horizontal stripe with numbers from one to fourteen and a green zero. In traditional European roulette tables, you get up to thirty-six numbers for a game that features a casino advantage of 2.7%. Interestingly, Gamdom Roulette has a similar edge, one of 3%.

The numbers here alternate colors. They are either red or black, with, as mentioned, zero getting colored green, its customary casino hue. Wagering on black or red and winning yields an x2 return, while getting the zero right in a round will return a reward of x14.

The top black and red wagers you can make in Gamdom Roulette are $600,000. And the maximum one you can place on zero is $200,000. Naturally, this discrepancy is on account of the much higher multiplier value that a green win can generate, in theory, one of $2.8 million.

Another notable thing about this site-specific title is that its auto-bet section has a green hunt option, allowing you to automate sessions in which you hope to hit the discussed top multiplier.

Gamdom Roulette

Gamdom Hilo

Gamdom HiLo gives you a range of betting options that start from as low as x1.09 and go up to x24 (Joker). This multiplier range is par the course for this genre, and in this provably fair choice, you can wager on colors and groups of cards or partake in the classic Hi-Lo wagering and make Joker bets. The multipliers for each betting pic are displayed at the bottom of its interface. Thus, if your wager is successful, your stake gets multiplied by the round’s outcome.

At the top of the betting panel, you can see the past six results, and to the left of the card area, you have all the participant wagers shown. Unfortunately, we could not find data concerning the max bet and win of Gamdom Hilo. We asked the support staff about this, and they said they did not have this info. Accordingly, we could not discover it to share it with you. The Gamdom staff promised us they would add this information in the future.

Gamdom Hilo

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