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How to start earning crypto – a faucet 101 guide

Faucets have existed for a long time and have been growing ever since Bitcoin was created. The purpose of faucets was to reward new users with small amounts of Bitcoin in order to help them test how it works. Today, we have hundreds of different Faucets for almost all altcoins. Faucets are the easiest way to get cryptocurrency for free, it’s great for new users who want to test how different cryptocurrencies work.

Earn Free Bitcoin

Bitcoin Faucets are still the most popular simply because they started first. Anyone can earn bitcoin using a faucet, users simply have to click a ‘claim’ button and complete a small captcha in order to receive their reward. The payout is not going to be huge but users can usually claim a few times per day and multiple days in a row. 


CoinPot is a cryptocurrency micro-wallet and a platform for faucet owners and users. CoinPot is partnered with many of the top faucets allowing users to store their rewards in one place and reach the minimum withdrawal requirements much faster. CoinPot only accepts 5 cryptocurrencies and their own token. 

Moon Bitcoin: Moon Bitcoin is a very well know Bitcoin faucet belonging to the “family” of Moon faucets and works with CoinPot.

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Bitfun: Bitfun works absolutely the same and is also based on CoinPot.

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Earn Free Cryptocurrencies

Altcoin faucets have become really popular mainly because they offer lower transaction fees. Users can even find some of the smaller market cap altcoins available. 

How to claim Bitcoin Cash: Moon Cash is one of the most popular altcoin faucet out there and offers users an innovative way to claim BCash by allowing them to claim as much as they want. Users can decide whether they want to claim smaller amounts every few minutes or a large amount every day and can take advantage of the loyalty bonus and a few other bonuses offered by Moon Cash. Users can use their personal wallet or a CoinPot account.

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Moon Dogecoin: Moon Dogecoin is a free dogecoin faucet similar to Moon Cash where users can claim as often as they want. Moon doge is one of the most popular altcoin faucets and also works with CoinPot, users can choose whether they want to use a personal dogecoin address or their CoinPot account. 

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Moon Litecoin: Moon Litecoin is the oldest paying litecoin faucet, quite an achievement in the world of faucets. Moon Litecoin belongs to the moon faucet family and also works with CoinPot.

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MoonDash: Moon Dash is the way to get some privacy coins for free. It also belongs to the moon family and works in the same way as the others.

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Are Bitcoin Faucets worth it?

The intention behind Bitcoin and crypto faucets is to give new users a small amount of coins to help them test how they work. Users will not be able to claim huge amounts of Bitcoins from 1 single Faucet but they can use a few and store all the small gains into 1 main wallet using for example CoinPot. 

While they will not make you rich, faucets are a free way to get free coins in a simple and fast way that requires almost no effort and can be done anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

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