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Faucets are probably a waste of time to you if you’ve been using cryptocurrencies for a while, but if you’re a beginner or someone who just wants to start collecting Bitcoin dust known as satoshis, then faucets would/could be fun. What are the best Bitcoin faucets?

Faucets are platforms that award users small amounts of Bitcoins for performing simple tasks. Faucets have been modified by some platforms to include playing games and other gambling activities for which the player earns some bitcoins.

However, due to the fact that the volume of BTC earned is small, it takes time to accumulate a substantial value that could be withdrawn. Faucets are fun to use because of the frequency of rewards. You would watch your satoshis grow over time.

There are many faucets today, so it is not an easy task to select the best among them. So in this post, we shall list the best Bitcoin faucets enabling you to get the best out of your satoshi hunting quest.

The older faucets that started with the aim of creating awareness about bitcoin have mostly packed up. What we have today are mostly faucets that want to take advantage of the BTC phenomenon to gain traction for their offering, so the search for genuine faucets that deliver is not going to be easy.

Nevertheless, here are some of the best Bitcoin faucets that are still around and doing a good job at rewarding folks for tasks.

This faucet has come a long way, having been around since 2014. The good thing about Moon Bitcoin is that it has continued to improve its service and user interface. In the early days, the Moonbit site used to have a spammy appearance but not anymore. When we checked it in the course of creating this content, it boasts a neat home page with minimal interference.

Advantage of Using Moon Bitcoin

One of the benefits of using Moon Bitcoin is that users can claim from the faucet every 5 minutes, unlike what is obtainable on many faucets where you have to wait an hour to claim. Even though the five minute claims would not necessarily yield more satoshis than the hourly sites, it keeps the users engaged. And they can actually practically observe their satoshi horde grow. This also eliminates the boredom associated with waiting a full hour before making another claim.

How To Use Moon Bitcoin

To gain the maximum benefit from this faucet:

Disable Ad Blocker

Be sure that an ad blocker is not active on your browser. This would enable all the ads to render and you earn more satoshis.

Referral Program

Joining the referral program would earn you more rewards through the activities of your referrals. If you have an active referral, you will daily earn a 1% bonus from their activity.

Reduce Claiming Frequency

Even though Moon Bitcoin allows you to claim every 5 minutes and make frequent withdrawals, it is actually counterproductive. You would actually earn more satoshis by claiming less frequently. Waiting one hour to make your claims gives you 1% daily bonus.

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This is another faucet that could be interesting for you. Firefaucet is automated, enabling the user to earn different cryptocurrencies. Apart from Bitcoin, you could earn Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash, Tron, Zcash, Digibyte and Litecoin.

This makes it easy for you to gradually build a diversified portfolio of coins.

Advantage of Firefaucet

You would like to use a faucet that enables you to earn on autopilot? This is possible with Firefaucet.

Withdrawals can be made directly into your wallet or through a third-party provider, FaucetPay, which would happen at no extra cost to you.

There are daily bonuses and rewards that accrue to you for participating in activities on the site. Any day you reach the set milestone activity, you claim the bonus.

How To Use Firefaucet

To get the best of Firefaucet:

Rank Up

At this faucet, you are rated and ranked daily. This means that you have to be very active to rank up. Be sure that you log in regularly and perform available tasks such as filling out surveys and watching videos. Your earnings increase as you rank up due to your active status.

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This is one of the oldest faucets that is still around. was established in 2013. It presently has 39 million users and has paid out 225,000 BTC over the years.

This faucet incorporates spinning a wheel on a Hi-Lo game which users can access every hour. Winning the Hi-Lo game multiplies the satoshis the spinner can claim.

Advantages of

This faucet has a clean user interface that makes it easy to use. You can spin every hour on a provably fair Hi-Lo game.

You could earn interest if you choose to store your BTC in your wallet for an extended period of time. Presently, the interest rate is 4.08% annually.

How To Use is more of a Hi-Lo gaming platform that rewards users in satoshis. You could win up to $200 playing the game.

Use Referral Program

Sign up for the referral program to earn more from the activities of your referrals. You’d get a 50% referral bonus for a lifetime from active referrals.

Join Contests

There are many prizes available during contests such as golden tickets. The winner of this draw goes home with a Lamborghini.

For the Hi-Lo wagering contest, there is a monthly start prize of $21,600, paid in BTC.

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For a three years old faucet, Bitfun has done pretty well. This faucet enables you to have lots of fun while playing bitcoin games. You can increase your winnings by participating in other activities such as surveys and other activities.

Advantages of

Claim Satoshis Every 3 Minutes

You could make claims from the faucet every 3 minutes. This means that you could be active on the site as long as you want, instead of waiting every hour to claim satoshis.

An Array of Games

There is a collection of interesting games that are compatible with mobile devices and regular browsers, which you can play and earn.

Easy Withdrawal with Coinpot

Use Coinpot to make your withdrawals as soon as you accumulate 10,000 satoshis.

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Faucets have contributed in creating awareness for digital currencies. With thousands of them online today, getting those that are worthwhile is not easy. With these, you could start accumulating satoshis which may be worth a lot in future.

Remember that years ago, people made hundreds of bitcoins from faucets. These are worth millions today for those who kept them. Will your satoshis be worth something in the future? We don’t know, but do enjoy yourself while using faucets to claim.

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