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In April 2023, we posted an article titled – Five Third-Party Dice Games You May Not Know. In it, the number four pick was Diabolic Throw by Betixon.

Betixon is a game developer few gamblers know, even hardcore ones. It appeared on the scene in 2016, operating from Mahé, Seychelles. Their motto is – Games with Extra Touch, and they market themselves as a superior gaming platform with a mobile-first attitude. As of August 2023, they are responsible for seventy online casino games, with their most famous releases being Famiglia Lumiere and Piggy Gangsters. However, Diabolic Throw, unleashed in August 2019, is also a fairly popular Betixon creation found at crypto casinos, looking to capture dice lovers by adding a fun façade and a new twist to the dice genre’s gameplay.

How Does Diabolic Throw Work

Diabolic Throw is what Betixon calls a cube guessing game. So, its gameplay is a predict the total of rolls. You pick a number from two to twelve, a pair of dice roll, and if your picked total matches the one the dice produce, you win a corresponding multiplier. That is all there is to it.

How to Diabolic Throw Dice

At the top of the metallic panel on the right of your screen, you will find a bet adjuster with a left and right arrow. Clicking the right one increases your wager size up to $5. And pressing the left one lowers it down to the game’s minimum of $0.25. The range between the two values is $0.5, $1, and $2. After choosing how much you wish to stake in Diabolic Throw, you then move down to the Bet on Result selector and pick a number from two to twelve. Once satisfied with your selection, the next step in initiating a game round is clicking the green Play button. That activates a dice roll, with the pair of red dice teleporting back onto the x-marked alter and producing a random total that tells you if you have won or lost in the round.

Diabolic Throw Dice

Where Can You Diabolic Throw Dice

Betixon games are hard to find at crypto casinos. At writing, we are unsure if any of our reviewed sites, Chipstars aside, carry Betixon products. So, Diabolic Throw may be easier to find on lesser-known platforms we have yet to check out.



  • Low winning odds
  • Low max win
  • The presentation feels static and the music is repetitive

Graphics Quality

What to say about the visuals in Diabolic Throw? Essentially, the presentation here is rather simple. You have the two 3D die blended in a super static setting representing a demon world of some sort, with a horned creature standing in front of an alter arms spread, awaiting your roll. The game has a pretty good look, but as mentioned, aside from the dice, everything else looks lifeless, as it is a still image. The music does a decent job of capturing a magical underworld demonic mood, and the rolled dice disappear in a teleportation kind of way to reappear from above for a new round. We like what the Betixon team was going for with the presentation here. We just wished they would have made this game a bit more dynamic. Also, the music loops and gets repetitive quickly, growing annoying.

User Experience

The interface here is intuitive. You have the dice-rolling demon area on the left side of your screen and the bet/number-selecting panel to the right, complete with the play button. Above this section, rest the full-screen, mute, and info icons. At the bottom of the screen is your bet and balance info, and in the top left lays the provably fair checker.

Tension & Anticipation Value

Again, all this is relative. For us, basic dice gambling brings little tension. Maybe for you, it facilitates a more pressure-packed gaming action. It is all in how you take things in and how substantial bets you are willing to make. Naturally, if you wager a hefty sum on anything, the anticipation value of the upcoming result will be dramatic. Nevertheless, here, we would equate the tension produced by Diabolic Throw, for casual gamblers, to the one created by an average slot, particularly if you are a fan of auto-play. Well, maybe slighter more, because the odds of winning here are not terrific.

RTP & Variability

There is no RTP or variability listed for Diabolic Throw.

Min/Max Multipliers

The lowest multiplier available here is x5.7, and the highest is x34. Naturally, the lower/higher number you pick, the more sizeable your win multiplier will be. To get the x5.7, you must choose seven as your predicted number, as that one can most easily get created by the two six-sided die.

House Edge

We are not math wizards, and Betixon has not publicly divulged the house edge of this game. Yet, using a simple online calculator, we figured out that the probability of you accurately guessing that the rolled total will be seven is 0.1666667, and for 2/12, it is 0.0277778.

Winning Strategies

In truth, nothing you do will guarantee you a continuous winning streak in any gambling game, crypto dice included. That holds especially true in Diabolic Throw, where you cannot pick an over-under option. You must select a specific number from two to twelve, the total of the two dice rolled. Therefore, this game is pretty much a crapshoot. The safest bet is to go for seven, but even in that scenario, you are not facing quality odds.

Summary – Is Diabolic Throw Worth It?

We must say, this is a fairly specific game. We would not recommend it to your run-of-the-mill gambler, as the winning odds here are not terrific. You can get into a deep hole in games like this if good fortune is not on your side for a few minutes. Moreover, the presentation here will not glue your eyes to your screen and your ass to your seat. So, outside of the uniqueness factor that it offers. We must say that Diabolic Throw is not for us. Nevertheless, it does supply something different. Hence, it may be for you. Check it out and find out.


Can You Play Diabolic Throw for Free?

Absolutely. That is a possibility at virtually all gambling sites hosting this game. You should also be able to find a demo version of it at some analysis sites like ours.

Can You Watch Diabolic Throw Live?

Now, if you live in the right place and pick the right viewing platform, sure. Also, the viewed stream will likely have to feature gaming activity happening at a specific site. That is so because Twitch and other popular streaming platforms have introduced rules that forbid airing sessions from multiple famed crypto casinos.

What Is the Most You Can Win at Diabolic Throw?

Technically, the max win should be $170 because the highest multiplier is x34, and the max bet is $5.

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