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Bustabit, formerly called Moneypot, is a unique Bitcoin betting site that offers a single game rather than a full-fledged online casino. It got up and running in 2014 and pioneered crypto crash gambling. The genre has attained massive popularity worldwide over the past decade, with dozens of proprietary and third-party products popping up, and the provably fair game featured at Bustabit still manages to rank high in this gambling title category, with more than one hundred and fifty million wagers placed on this site and over 2,200,000 Bitcoins staked here. Whenever someone enjoys crypto crash gaming in any form, they are essentially betting on gameplay invented by Bustabit’s team.

How Does Bustabit Work

Bustabit is a captivating and user-friendly Bitcoin gaming product that keeps players worldwide with simple and tense-filled gameplay. The concept here is rudimentary and thrilling. It consists of wagering with Bitcoins and bailing out at the right moment to maximize winnings. As the multiplier gradually grows, the goal is to hit the cash-out button before this multiplier randomly crashes. So, this game is a balancing act between greed and caution. Waiting longer leads to higher potential payouts but also carries significant risks.

Bustabit’s transparency is impressive, and in version 2.0, its team introduced the Be the Bankroll option allowing you to profit from the game by assuming the role of an investor. With a performance overhaul, Bustabit 2.0 brought advanced auto-bet features and enhanced privacy using a specialized coin selection algorithm. Hence, now Bustabit provides an immersive and secure betting experience for gamblers and investors alike.


How to Play Bustabit

To start a Bustabit betting round, you need Bitcoins in a wallet to place your bets. Once you have them, and after creating an account on the Bustabit website and depositing funds in your balance, you can choose your bet amount in the manual wagering tab and hit the Place a Bet button. As the game starts, you will see a multiplier increasing gradually on the left-side graph. The goal is to cash out before it crashes. Thanks to the version 2.0 upgrade, you can also select to wager using the auto-play function. It features five scripts. They are Flat Bet, Sniper, Martingale, Payout Martingale, and Narrator. Note that Bustabit is not responsible for any script bugs that cause you to lose coins. So, utilize auto-play at your risk.

Where Can You Play Pilot

You can only play it on the Bustabit website and nowhere else –


  • The first crypto crash game
  • Staking opportunities
  • Social options


  • No live chat support
  • Feels a bit basic

Graphics Quality

In terms of visual presentation, there is not much to say about Bustabit’s game. It is as simple as it gets. You get an XY graph, where a diagonal line shoots up at the start of each round, and the corresponding overlaid multiplier grows as it does. The colors used are grey and black, with the only dynamic element here being the values of the graph shifting as the Bustabit multiplier increases.

User Experience

Without question, the UX design of the Bustabit website is likely to put some people off, as it has an early-2000s vibe. The multiplier graph only takes up a fifth of your desktop browser and half your mobile screen. Desktop gamblers see a site betting board on the right side of their screens and a public chat below the game graph. Next to it are the wager options, and the desktop website has a top navigation bar that supplies quick access to the cashier tab, the back-testing page, the live stats one, the leaderboard, and the help section.

Bustabit Game

Tension & Anticipation Value

Bustabit offers a similar level of tension as other crash-style products. The gameplay here does not feature a rocket, plane, or spaceship. It just shows a growing number, which is an interesting choice, creating an unexpected sense of anticipation. The transparency of the game, with the real-time graph displaying the multiplier’s progress, functions as a rudimentary and effective suspense inducer for sure. Each round becomes a thrilling test of nerves, strategy, and a touch of luck, making Bustabit a captivating game that keeps players on the edge of their seats.

RTP & Variability

Per the Bustabit website, the sole game featured here has a return-to-player percentage of 99%.

Min/Max Multipliers

At Bustabit, the multiplier limit technically gets set at x4,458,563,631,096,791.04. Nevertheless, that multiplier is highly unlikely to ever get reached. Also, note that specific safeguards are in place. If the site bankroll faces a potential loss of 1.5% or more during a round, the server will automatically cash out all gamblers involved. The multiplier in betting rounds starts at x1.01.

House Edge

If the RTP here is 99%, that means that at Bustabit, crash gambling has a house edge of 1%. Hence, in theory, for a 1 BTC wager, the Bustabit crypto gaming site anticipates earning 0.01 BTC.

Now, keep in mind that this won’t apply to each wager. If you have deep enough pockets to bet 1 BTC, the outcome could be that the house either loses money or wins the entire 1 BTC. However, when considering a large number of wagers, this casino’s profit gets expected to approach the total of all wagers multiplied by the house edge. It’s a statistical calculation that helps operators maintain a long-term advantage.

Winning Strategies

Of course, since this is primarily a game of luck, betting strategies do not guarantee consistent wins on this product. While some players may utilize different approaches, it’s pivotal to recognize that the game’s outcome is unpredictable due to the random crash multiplier. Strategies like progressive betting or timing-based tactics may offer temporary success but cannot change the game’s inherently random nature. Responsible gaming and managing your bankroll are primary when playing Bustabit, as in any other online gambling title.

Summary – Is Bustabit Worth It?

Bustabit is the most old-school crypto crash game. And it is on par with top-end proprietary picks (1% house edge ones). But you may want to use the Bustabit website for staking. You can invest in the Bustabit bankroll, becoming a stakeholder in the platform’s profits and losses.

Players’ wagering outcomes contribute to the overall bankroll, and as an investor, your share of the profits or losses is proportional to your stake. It is also worth mentioning that this hub receives a commission when the profits surpass previous highs. The commission rate gets calculated using exchange rates and gets charged in real-time.


Can You Play Bustabit for Free?

No. Bustabit only allows coin wagers. There is no demo-play option on this gaming hub.

Can You Watch Bustabit Live?

Some of the more famed streaming platforms have banned gambling streams, but others likely still allow them for residents of specific jurisdictions. Nonetheless, this is one of the least exciting gambling games to follow via video feeds.

What Is the Most You Can Win at Bustabit?

A one-player 1% max profit equal to 1% of the bankroll is in play. Plus, a max profit equal to 1.5% of the bankroll applies to all the wagers in a round.

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